Modvise, better analyze

At Modvise we are applying Data Science & Analytics to Price Monitoring and Product Intelligence. We are great at extracting data on a large scale from every possible website. With our custom dashboards, you can monitor even the smallest price changes on your clients' or competitors' websites. Be always one step ahead knowing how the market is reacting to your actions.

Our technology is 100% cloud-based what gives a great advantage when it comes to scaling data extraction. We strongly believe is that being agile is the best approach to serve our clients with the best possible solution.

  • Price analysis
  • Offline and Online product availability
  • Promotional activity tracking
  • e-Shelf monitoring

Full Coverage

Easily analise your whole category. Focus on the big picture and see what competition is doing. Track your and competitors price changes.

Speed is crucial

To understand what is going on in the market you need data that is delivered to you quickly. That is why our extraction bots are able to monitor price changes even every 30 minutes.

360° Product View

We are delivering every possible information about your products. Only a complete view can lead to making the best possible business decision.

Presentation of Data

At Modvise we have created our very own Web UI allowing you to quickly analyze und understand data. We will focus on harvesting so that you can grow your business.

Matching & Quality

The use of advanced Machine Learing algorithms in the process of product matching gurantees us best in class data quality.

Access to Your Data

At Modvise we strongly believe that data should be available for you. We provide an amazing API allowing to fuel your internal systems or any kind of BI, so that you can decide how to use our Data.

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