Advertising on Allegro. Why not! The leading Polish online marketplace has an unimaginable amount of data, so why not take advantage of it? The question is, are they worth using, and what does advertising on Allegro accomplish? Let’s figure it out.

Allegro is a giant in Polish eCommerce. On average, it has 17-18 million visitors a month who do a billion searches during 250 million visits. But let’s start from the beginning.

Allegro: what is it, and how does it work?

What is Allegro? Allegro is a Polish online sales service established in December 1999. Currently, it is the largest Polish marketplace that brings together millions of sellers and buyers.

Initially, the small site attracted mostly collectors and hobbyists. However, as online trading spread and trust in electronic transactions grew, the website began to gain popularity among other internet users. A small platform quickly evolved into a website used by both individuals and companies. In the past, the website did not offer ads but only the option to sponsor individual offers. However, due to increased demand from users, advertising was developed by Allegro.

Can Allegro Ads help brands?

Soon, it became apparent that branded products would appear on the portal either as second-hand products or result of distributor activities. After all, an online platform visited by hundreds of thousands of people every day with specific purchase intentions is a great way to reach new customers.

Many brands have adopted it quickly. Others were skeptical since traffic on their own website seemed better than traffic outside the site. Also, gathering data from transactions raised additional doubts. Allegro was aware of these. It began as a series of timid sponsored offers, which have expanded into a full-scale advertising ecosystem. Taking such small steps enabled other brands to gain confidence in the platform.

Today, no one thinks that inbound activities without PPC are enough, and many brands take advantage of the platform to reach a wider audience. One of the reasons is an excellent advantage: products displayed on Allegro rank high in SERP search engines, making them more visible to customers outside the Allegro.

Does Allegro mean promotions?

Polish marketplace allows you to list and sell products in numerous categories. A buyer can purchase items either in the auction mode by bidding on the item price or immediately by clicking the “Buy Now” button.

As we have already mentioned, although Allegro itself did not advertise, it offered vendors the opportunity to improve their effectiveness for a “small” fee. Over time, simple promotions evolved to more complex Allegro Ads mechanisms. Now, it is a well-organized promotional system.

Of course, you don’t need Allegro Ads to sell on the Allegro, especially when selling very niche or specialized items. However, in the case of popular products, advertising on Allegro or any other distinction of the offer can be incredibly helpful.

The Allegro Ads ecosystem

Allegro Ads, as an advertising ecosystem, work very simply. Buyers access the website in several different ways. They can find items by:

  • using the Google search engine, 
  • accessing the category tree, or
  • using the internal search engine on Allegro

Due to these last two cases, Allegro will display ads.

The ads ecosystem uses its algorithm to determine which advertisement to show according to searching. An advertiser is selected based on an internal auction. If an offer has the most favorable quality ratio, CPC, and CTR, will be displayed.

Advertisements on Allegro include 3 main options, and these are:

1. Sponsored Ads are displayed contextually in the most popular places on Allegro. Those ads are based on the PPC model, so you pay only for clicks. You define the CPC amount and the daily budget you would like to spend. The main goal of Sponsored Ads is to draw buyers’ attention to your present items or assortment.

2. Display Ads are dedicated to brands, distributors, and sellers. The advertising payment model is CPM, and you decide about your daily budget. You can choose themes containing logos and slogans or banners containing a group of products you would like to promote. Display Ads appear above Allegro search results, so this solution works best for those who want to strengthen brand recognition or introduce new products. 

3. Ads Network is a solution that displays ads on external websites like Facebook and Google. For example, this type of advertising will allow you to reach customers who start looking for items in the Google search engine.

Benefits of using Allegro solutions 

What we have discussed leads us to the final answer of whether Allegro Ads are worth investing in. Frankly, a lot depends on the marketing goals you want to attain and the type of products to promote. Definitely, Allegro Ads is an excellent marketing tool to achieve specific goals. Depending on the company, the objectives may differ. 

You can gain sales growth by the fact that the Allegro Ads ecosystem, like Amazon Ads, is ranked high in search results. As in the case of Google, Allegro customers are unlikely to browse the tenth or fifteenth page of search results if they find the desired item on the first page. A captivating photo and an accurate description are all you need to highlight yourself. Advertising on Allegro is also a great solution to launching new-line products. You can easily provide customers with information about new items just above the search results for similar, related, or complementary products.

However, the important thing to remember is that increasing sales through Allegro Ads is a long-term strategy. Therefore, it is crucial to prepare a sensible and flexible action plan before starting promotions. Allegro shoppers precisely know what they’re looking for. All you have to do is reach them with a clear message about your products. Undoubtedly with Allegro Ads, it will be much easier.