inStore Banner Monitoring

We will help you to monitor every promotional activities of your Competitors. Track where and what they currently advertise.

  • Updated in multiple intervals daily to be up to date
  • Data extraction from Homepage and Category page
  • Additonal data: Start of promotion, duration etc.
  • AI Driven Banner and Brand categorisation

AI based alerts

Using AI technology and image recognition allows us to scan millions of images monthly finding best matches for each banners. Based on that knowledge we can notify you whenever your comeptition is becoming active in one of your e-commerce partners. Filter and sort banners based on your current needs.

Our advanced extraction scrapers can save you a lot of time and effort. No more need to visit all your business partner or competition websites. You are one click away from having access to all the relevant data in one place. Get a quick and well segmented overview of all brand and internal shop promotional activities. Look at data for today or check back history. Focus on homepage view or gather deep knowledge from the category pages.

Gather Instant Insights

When using our inStore Banner monitoring solution you get instant insights about what promotion activities are done by your competition. Analyse, track and plan activities based on real data. Get a better understanding about what your competiton is doing and how they react to market trends.