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Welcome to Modvise Blog! The place where we share insights and knowledge about our technology and view on the market, letting your business stay informed about different aspects of data extraction, prices, current trends, and market conditions.

When your products are cruising worldwide to land on retailers’ or marketplaces’ digital shelves, you do not want to be just an observer. You need to protect your image and products no matter the location or region of the world.

Applying dynamic pricing to online stores is extremely easy and effective. Combined with price monitoring technology, the strategy transforms into skyrocket that operates on prices in the most spectacular way.

This year the 26th of November is The Day when a season of Big Hunting begins. All fans of discounts, promotions, or other low-price occasions will search and count on dreamed items. They saved for months, and now they are ready to spend a pretty amount of money in brick & mortar, but also on the Internet. Sounds optimistic?

When you want your online business to perform effectively in the long term, you need to consider various price tactics that fit best your company’s selling strategy. One of such is the famous price discrimination.

As we all know, e-commerce has boomed over the span of the last couple of years. Besides growing revenue streams coming from this part of the industry, there is a 2nd factor that is heavily increasing. Competition!

Price sensitivity is a well-known topic both for offline and online shops. Even if you have never focused on it before, you have noticed it while running your business.

During the pandemic crisis the number of Marketplaces that help e-retailers to rapid growth increased. Let's discuss the pros and cons.

The analytical team from Modvise has conducted a study comparing prices of products available during the start of 2021 Allegro Smart! Week shopping festival.

One of the most important aspects of selling products via retailers is being able to analyse how the products are distributed across the market.

The main target of all pricing strategies is to improve the income and profits of your e-business. Here, we’ll look at the three key pricing strategies to help you sell more and be more profitable.

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