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Welcome to Modvise Blog! The place where we share insights and knowledge about our technology and view on the market, letting your business stay informed about different aspects of data extraction, prices, current trends, and market conditions.

Imagine millions of websites are competing to take your place and dominate the market. Because of this, it is so important to know whether your competitors have related products with you or not.

In recent years, Big Data analysis has been in high demand, and there are no longer any projects without involving data sets in some way.

Advertising on Allegro. Why not! The leading Polish online marketplace has an unimaginable amount of data, so why not take advantage of it? The question is, are they worth using, and what does advertising on Allegro accomplish?

With eCommerce pricing actions becoming more competitive, technology has become a key component to evaluate them. Thanks to advanced machine learning algorithms, all kinds of online pricing activities can be constantly monitored, optimized, and analysed better.

Amazon's expansion into Europe creates new growth opportunities for many manufacturers, brands, and retailers. However, trading in these markets can be tricky.

Price analysis is the study of the market value of e-commerce products and services based on supply and demand at any given time. Price analysis is necessary when making business decisions, especially when different pricing options are lower, as is margin, for the same product.

One of the most common selling strategies that companies use to increase sales is to lower their prices which invokes price wars. The downside of this approach is that it often ends in a race to the bottom.

Read on for a grasp of numbers, handy approaches, and how they might affect your e-commerce business this year.

One of the most common e-commerce strategies includes selling packaged products, from groceries to consumer goods and software is bundle pricing. It allows you to create a better deal for your customer when adjusting pricing based on structural, shipping, and logistics costs.

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