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Monitoring Solutions – FAQ

At Modvise we strongly believe that being close to our clients is a key to success, thus in our FAQ section, you can find valuable information about why you need Price Monitoring solutions, how you can benefit from introducing such solutions to your business, and how we can help you in automating the whole process so that you get a hassle-free and seamless experience from using our Modvise Price Monitoring solutions.
Whether you are in Marketing or Sales you can find useful information on how to start working with us and what to expect from our side.

If you have more questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Why do I need Price Monitoring Software?

Competitor price tracking & monitoring software is a service that transforms how businesses strategize for growth. It replaces legacy systems and manual workflows where a team of qualified people used to spend most of their time entering and updating their competitors' pricing data and compared it with their product assortment in a giant spreadsheet. The analysis and reporting part was a mess because maintaining and understanding the data was no easy task. Countless hours and most importantly human potential was lost doing all these. And there were still a lot of errors due to manual work. This led to a chain of unfortunate actions. Faulty data led to poor decision making and it resulted in the loss of both real-time and potential revenue. Nearly 83% of companies still work this way in the early stages of AI and ML, the only way to move forward to becoming profitable is by using Modvise.

How can I benefit from using Modvise Price Monitoring?

Price is one of the critical criteria affecting the purchasing decision of consumers. If your business is in a vertical where pricing is important, then having a competitor price tracking & monitoring software will take you much ahead in the game. You will know not only your competitors' prices but also your own dynamic change, so it will be hard for your rivals to follow your movements. Eventually, you'll have more control over your market, make better decisions, and increase revenue.

What can be monitored by Modvise?

We strongly believe that the most reliable data can be obtained only directly from retailers' websites. That is why our technology is built around a network of extraction engines that gives you direct access to data from retailers' websites. Just as the 2nd step, we harvest data from price comparison websites and aggregators.

Is your data reliable?

At Modvise we use different techniques and technologies to match products to deliver you the highest possible quality of harvested data. Our two approaches are: Machine Learning and Human Q&A Team. These two approaches are linked to each other so that our algorithms will become better and better over time.

Why not harvest data manually?

Harvesting data manually has a couple of downsides: it is very time-consuming, It isn't done automatically what leads to problems with repeating the process at the same time, having a lot of data is just one part of Modvise technology - we give you access to data that is structured and easy to analyse.

How often do you harvest data?

We can harvest data even every 30 minutes.

How do you work with Digital Shelf Data

At Modvise our system is 100% scalable and ready to take various data points. The digital shelf has become one of the most crucial parts for Brands to understand how their products perform on retailer websites. That is why we analyse availability, banners, ratings and reviews.

Is Modvise available in my country?

Absolutely yes! Our engine works on-demand for any country or market vertical. Our users simply define competitors they want to cover and monitor, and our flexible technology starts delivering data from any market in minutes.

Can I export my dashboards?

You can export your dashboard by clicking on 'Export' button. At Modvise we strongly belive that the data we provide to you is yours so you should have full and unlimited access to it.

How can I tell you about my feature idea?

We always appreciate the feedback. You can share your ideas via phone or e-mail, then we'll evaluate them within our team.

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