Retailer Banner Insights

Promotion! Promotion! Promotion! Everybody is using them to give customers insights about new products, discounts, add-ons. Most brands provide different promotional banners on Retailers’ websites. There are many aspects of how to analyze them but also how to harvest them so that they are all available at one easy-to-access place. Thus We bring to you Banners by Modvise a unique tool that gives you access to the banner activity of over 1000 Retailers.

  • One neat Dashboard
  • Daily newsletter
  • Banner placement analysis
  • SOV analysis

Henry Ford once said: “The man who stops advertising to save money, is like the man who stops a clock to save time” nowadays this sentence is even more true than it was 80 years ago. Every Brand in the world is doing ads and promotions. If it is Google, Facebook, TikTok, etc. there will be always one part that is as important as the rest. On-site Retailers banners! Brands are cooperating with Retailers who are selling their products. As they want to support their business partners Brands run campaigns on the sites of Retailers. The difficult thing is to be able to analyze everything in one place and to do it quickly. Banners by Modvise is the answer to this problem. Every day we extract all Banners from major Retailer websites and collect them in our cloud-based data infrastructure delivering to our clients a quick overview about what is happening with their Brand across the whole market.

Daily newsletter

At Modvise we believe that things should be automated and reliable. That is why we deliver our Client’s daily banner updates in the form of a newsletter, which collects data from all monitored Retailers’ websites and brings them in one place. Sorted and well organized it will become your morning routine to have a quick overview of all online activity of your and competitors’ Brand.

SOV% Analysis

Just getting access to all promotional activity of your brand is not enough? We can deliver you custom reports highlighting how well you are performing. Our Clients can analyse:

  • When campaigns started,
  • If they were active over the whole period for which they have been planned
  • How many placements are bought by competitors
  • What’s the SOV% of their brand vs. the rest of the market

Going further we even can estimate spend budgets by a given brand in a period of time.

Our Web UI

Besides the daily newsletter and custom Share of Voice reports we deliver to our Clients also have access to our Web UI which gives even more exciting features. You will be able to:

  • Search for promotion by a given brand
  • Analyse historical data
  • Monitor if your campaigns are implemented properly
  • Dig deeper into category and placement analysis