Offline monitoring is crucial in the very quickly changing world that we are living in these days.

One event can change the whole word. Last year exactly that happeend, the whole world had to deal with something new, a global pandemic. Most of the companies were unprepared and had to adjust very quickly. Many economists predicted that there will be a change in shopping behavior that will last forever. They were partly right as we are seeing a very strong shift towards e-commerce and those businesses that already done the ground works earlier had a rather smooth transition. But as the pandemic became more and more familiar to us shopping behaviour moved towards a new normal. Which means we still do our shopping offline, but see that online shoppers are as important as those buying in our brick and mortar shops. Hence it is very important to understand the full picture and besides being able to monitor price changes you should also look at aspects like your offline product expansion, your digital shelf presence and how your products are being advertised.

At Modvise we deliver to our clients a full overview of the market and give access to amazing offline data that allows you to:

  • Monitor product availability on SKU and Shop level
  • Determine your and competitors coverage
  • Track anomalies on product presence
  • Analyse which shops are best for you to push your proudcts

Modvise offline monitoring will give your business an advantage over competitors and will gain your company’s right reaction to the market changes. How about that?