Price Intelligence for Brands

Price Intelligence & Digital Shelf Analysis for Brands
and Manufacturers

Banner monitoring

Modvise Price Intelligence & Digital Shelf Analysis software is a 360° view of products offered by you and your competiton. Our solution is a set of insights that allows Brands and Manufacturers to understand better the status quo of a whole market. We extract data directly from retailers’ websites, which means the highest possible accuracy of information gathered. We store data in our cloud-based infrastructure what guarantees you immediate and reliable access to necessary metrics. 

Our Price Intelligence & Digital Shelf Analysis software includes:


  • Price and Promotion Insights
  • Retailer Banners Insights
  • Ratings & Reviews Analysis
  • Offline Distribution Analysis
  • Share of Search / Category

Price and Promotion Insights

Technology that gives easy access to comprehensive data and detailed insights about every price change in given retailers.
Daily, we harvest data from over 1500 Retailers and more than 1,5 million SKU (sic!). With us, you can analyse market changes and instantly adjust the best pricing strategy accordingly.

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Retailer Banners Insights

Banners significantly influence how the Brand is perceived and how much traffic your products can generate. Take a detailed overview about
all activities to your Brand on retailers' websites, from Home Page to Category Pages.

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Ratings & Reviews Analysis

Retailers are pushing the limits of delivering more and more information about items in stock. That dramatically changed the shopping behaviors. Watch and compare all ratings and reviews about your Brand to implement a clear communication strategy to your target group.

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Offline Distribution Analysis

Many major brands have actively moved part of their businesses to e-commerce. Though most Manufacturers have the highest revenue stream from cooperation with Brick and Mortar retailers, one element is often missing. It is an insight into how you and competitors distribute their products across the market. We are doing that by extracting data from their shop level to give you that comprehensive knowledge.

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Share of Search / Category

Each time the customers navigate through the retailing category tree or use the search bar while shopping online, they check the first 20 results on the list. Therefore, Brands expect to have the highest possible visibility of their products. Listings are linked to branding campaigns, sales performance, and prices, but those are very dynamic and can rapidly change over a day. For this, Brands need to analyse very quickly how well their products are performing in listings. We are giving you a ``Share of Search`` module to let you have direct access to that data, making it easy to track who the main competitors are.

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